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The Top Qualities And Features You Should Look For In A Good Hotel

Going on an out-of-town or country vacation can rarely be a cheap endeavor. Air flight tickets or gas expenses can already eat up a chunk of the money you allotted for this trip. A lot of money can also go into various food or dining expenses as well. Of course, you will also have to spend a lot of money into the hotel room or accommodation where you and your family or trip buddies will stay during your vacation.

There is no escaping the fact that your chosen accommodation will be one of the biggest expenses that you will have to prepare for when you go on a vacation. As such, it is important to make sure that every penny you spend on your selected accommodation is worth it. And you can do this by making sure that you choose a hotel that has the right qualities and features.

The best hotel does not only boast of a grand lobby, beautifully landscaped garden, Olympic-sized swimming pools, and spacious rooms with a complete functioning entertainment system. There are other key qualities and features that you should look for a good hotel worth checking into. These include the following:

Warm and genuine staff reception and treatment – The best hotels have employees that exude sincere kindness, cheerfulness, and warmth. In short, everyone that works in the hotel, from the front desk to the concierge and housekeeping, should make all their guests feel comfortable and important throughout their stay. And as a guest, you should feel the genuine warmth and kindness of the staff and not because they are paid to be hospitable to you.

Properly appointed rooms or suites that meet your specific requirements – Today, the best hotels make sure that you are assigned to exactly the kind of room you requested for. They make sure you will stay in the room class or category and in the location (floor, proximity to elevators, etc.) you requested for. A good hotel should offer more than just a bed, bathroom, and TV set as well – it should provide distinctive accents and amenities that help you experience the local flavor. As such, hospitality consultants say that best hotels today should have rooms and suites that showcase high-quality bath and beauty products, and a basket of local treats like snacks and other goodies. They should also have ample drawer and closet space, a safe, hangers, free bottled water, robes and slippers.

Everything is clean and orderly – The best hotels are always clean. The rooms, dining halls, washrooms, and every facility should always be clean and in order. The housekeeping staff should always spend sufficient time to clean your room thoroughly as well.

Simple and easy booking – Lastly, whether you book a hotel online, on the phone, or through a travel agent, everything should be a simple process. It should be easy for you to contact a knowledgeable, helpful person if you have questions, changes to your initial booking, or some specific requests.

5 Best Beach Hotels in the Caribbean

Have you always wanted that perfect holiday by the beach? If the answer to this is a yes, your best bet would be an escape to the Caribbean islands. With pristine turquoise waters and white sands, The Caribbean has all it takes to spend THE holiday of a lifetime. As irresistible as it may sound, The Caribbean offers you a lot more than just pristine beaches and conch shells, there’s partying and fun. So, if you are all set to go on a holiday, pop into your swimming gear and make sure you book the best hotel before you go.

It’s not all that grim, looking for a hotel in the Caribbean. However, you might want to know the best 5 hotels to stay, while you are holidaying in the Caribbean. The Caribbean consists of a host of islands that have their own charm. Hence, it would be a great idea to spend one or two nights in some of those islands, get the feel of Caribbean culture, relishing sea-food cuisine, water sports, music and history. You can enjoy the live music at the Tobago Island or spend a day roaming around the historical towns of Havana. You can enjoy water sports at the Bahamas or Cayman Islands. Scuba diving is a must try if you are visiting Cayman Islands or you may just relish on the magnificent view of the Piton peaks at St. Lucia.

Luxury beach hotels are quite popular in the Caribbean and you can get excellent deals on bookings. Mentioned below, are five of the best luxury beach hotels that you may consider looking at, while you are at the Caribbean.

– The SPA Retreat Boutique Hotel- Located in the island of Jamaica, it’s definitely the most romantic retreat you can go to. Whether it is a romantic escape for you or just a wellness nirvana, this hotel is “the” place for you in the Caribbean. There are eighteen hand-crafted stone cottages that overlook a spectacular garden. The hotel offers fabulous in-house Spa facilities for an absolutely relaxed and soothing spa experience.

– Caribbean Club – When you travel to Caribbean don’t miss the stunning Grand Cayman Islands. The Caribbean Club located at the Seven Mile Beach is an idyllic destination that is a home away from home. There are thirty-seven villas provides you with the most exotic and adventurous feeling on this picturesque island.

– Jade Mountain Resort – Situated in the beautiful St. Lucia Island this luxury beach resort spread majestically over 600 acres of land this hotel gives you your own private pool glides. This architectural wonder is surely a place that you should visit once while you travel to the Caribbean.

– Hermitage Bay – Located in the island of Antigua this intimate beach resort comprises of only twenty-five cottages so that you get a tranquil environment even on the busiest of days.

– Tortuga Bay Hotel Punta Cana Resort & Club – This club was established in 1971 in the Dominican Republic. The hotel has its old world charm that is pure bliss for every traveller.

5 Golden Tips for Hotels That Want to Improve Customer Satisfaction

The two most important factors that clients consider when looking for hotels are quality services and customer satisfaction. Hotels need to offer the best catering and accommodation services to achieve the best results. Here are five tips on how to improve customer satisfaction.

Get to Know the Target Audience

Customer satisfaction needs to go beyond just smiling when greeting a customer and conducting surveys. Knowing the target audience is at the heart of it. Understanding the specific needs of each client who books a stay will help determine which service packages to offer. Doing so will also help ensure that the enterprise offers quality services consistently and cultivates loyalty.

Come up with Ways to Monitor Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is directly related to the level and quality of communication. Engaging with clients and asking for feedback after service delivery can help management identify their business’s strengths and weakness. Some of the best ways to gather feedback from clients are including a review section on the company website, providing front desk logs, and placing review cards in the rooms. The information collected will come in handy when the hotel’s management implements new policies.

Resolve Complaints in a Timely Manner

The hospitality industry is competitive, so it is imperative to make calculated decisions at each level of business growth. One of the guaranteed ways to redeem the hotel’s reputation after an unsuccessful interaction with a client is to address complaints quickly. By doing so, the hotel will paint a positive and responsive image to prospective clients. A quick response to a question posted online can make the difference between losing and gaining a potential customer.

Regularly Train Personnel

Training courses will equip staff with the new skills needed to engage with clients. Note that savvy customers in the hotel industry tend to have high expectations and will not hesitate to write a bad review if they feel that its services are substandard. It is possible to cushion the hotel from such scenarios by investing in training courses for employees. Well-trained employees will not just manage complaints professionally, but more importantly, come up with ways of avoiding them in the first place.

Invest in a Quality Website

The degree of satisfaction extends beyond human interaction. With so many people using the internet to get information about hotels, it is imperative to invest in a quality website. The design and content posted on the site should paint a positive image of the accommodations to the target audience. Ensure the content published on the site is top quality, including high definition photos and videos, and provide clear directions to clients by posting an intuitive map.

The hospitality industry is lucrative yet competitive because people want nothing but the best services. It is possible for management teams to scale their businesses to greater heights by applying these five tips.

4 Hotel Supplies You Should Provide In Your Hotel Room

As a hotel owner, you have to provide the best service for your clients for you to get repeat business and also grow your business. To keep the hotel visitors comfortable you should provide them with all the necessary supplies. The supplies that you should provide them with include:

Toothbrush and toothpaste

While most guests know that they have to brush their teeth, few of them carry their toothbrushes and toothpaste with them. For the guests to keep on remembering you, you should provide a surprise toothpaste and toothbrush kit in the hotel room. As rule of thumb, the two should be new. Since the guests will most likely use it once or carry it with them, you shouldn’t invest in a high-end kit. All you need to do is ensure that the kit of good quality.


When the guests step into the hotel room, they feel like they are at home and want to be as comfortable as possible. One of the ways of ensuring that the guests are comfortable is providing them with slippers to walk around with. You can provide several pairs of slippers or ask the guests the type of slippers that they want. The type that you provide should depend on the type of hotel that you operate. If you have a low-end amenity, you should provide cheap slippers but if your hotel is high-end your slippers should also be high-end. To give a professional look, it’s always wise that you customize them with the hotel logo or name.

Water bottles

Most of the guests check in late in the night when there are no stores open. To quench their thirst, they look for water and don’t find any. To leave a lasting image, you should provide free water bottles in your hotel room. You shouldn’t go for the high end-end water. Regular water is enough all you need to do is ensure that it’s of good quality.


If you visit most hotels you will find that most of them don’t have hangers. This shouldn’t be you. To give your guests a place to place their clothes without getting them wrinkled you should provide them with cloth hangers. When installing the hangers, install those that can come off the bar. Don’t worry about them getting stolen. No guest worth his/her salt will steal old hangers.


Leaving a lasting image in the eyes of the guests is all about providing the necessary hotel supplies. As rule of thumb, ensure that the supplies are of good quality.